Are you thinking of launching your very first website and want the Best WordPress hosting for it? You’ve come to the place where you’re going to know about the top 5 best WordPress hosting that you can launch your website on. 

Indeed, this era has become digitized and pretty much half of the businesses of the world have been shifted to the Internet in the form of a website. Every big or small business wants a website, and to launch a website, you need hosting. 

Hosting is the backbone of any website; if it’s low quality, the website has no use. Now, due to having tons of different hosting companies available in the market, it’s difficult to choose which is the best one. Therefore, we’ve coupled 5 Best WordPress hosting that will help you to get the fastest website.

Ensure you are with me till the end of this piece of writing; without talking more, let’s dive into the topic.

5 Best WordPress Hosting that Can Skyrocket the Performance of your Sites

1. Hostinger

2. Bluehost

3. SiteGround

4. DreamHost

5. A2 WordPress Hosting

1) Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the most famous web hosting companies at present. Whoever you ask about the best WordPress hosting, names the Hostinger web hosting; compared to other hosting companies, the Hostinger has best and cheap web hosting monthly and annual plans, which include:

  • Single — it costs just ~$1.99 a month, and you can create 1 website with this plane. With this website, you’ll be able to handle 10,000 users per month and a 30GB storage, which is a treasure at such a reasonable price.
  • Premium — it costs ~$2.99 a month, and guesses what? You can create 100 websites with this plan. Also, you can handle 25,000 visitors per month on the 100GB storage given in this plan.
  • Business -this web hosting plan costs ~$4.99 a month and gives you the ability to create 100 sites and can handle unlimited users per month. Isn’t that impressive? Also, this plan offers you 200Gb storage, which is great for any big business.

With all these hosting plans, you get a Free SSL certificate and an email account that you can choose according to your brand’s name.

Also, Hostinger has a small bunch of WordPress-explicit highlights for you. These incorporate a directed installation with a site-developing wizard to hike up the speed of the site. 

Most of the things related to the sites, like core, and plugging updates all are handled by the Hostinger itself giving you a comfortable use.

2) Bluehost

Another best WordPress hosting that we have is Bluehost. You may have heard about it somewhere; I’m pretty much sure. This web hosting provides you with a free domain name for a year and has entirely reasonable plans too. 

For just ~$2.75 a month, you get the ability to handle unlimited traffic per month and the fastest website that Google will fall in love with. 

Bluehost has 5-star ratings on the Internet, and the people who have been using it are pretty satisfied with the performance. 

Lately, Bluehost has introduced a user panel that you can use to control your website with ease. The thing that we like the most about this web hosting is that you get customer support 24/7. 

In case you’re having an issue with your site regarding the web hosting, you can quickly get it resolved by the Bluehost team. Considering all the qualities, then Bluehost is the best web hosting that you can buy for your website.

3) SiteGround

Here, I have another highly rated and reliable web hosting that is recommenced by The SiteGround hosting offers you the fastest speed with 24/7 customer support. 

And, the SiteGround web hosting is considered to be the safest and cheapest web hosting as well, as the company makes sure that the user’s site remains safe. 

SiteGround offers area explicit facilitating with 3 unique server farms in the USA, and Europe, making the hosting available to you in your area. And the hosting plane prices start from ~$3.95 a month, which is great.

4) DreamHost

The Dreamhost web hosting name is well known in the world of hosting. It has been proven to users with the fastest speed and incredible performance for years. DreamHost has tons of positive reviews on the Internet too. 

The itself recommends this hosting which shows how well it performs. No matter when you need their support, the DreamHost professionals are available 24/7 to assist you in all the possible ways.

However, since Dreamhost Hosting is US-based, then you can only personally chat with the team from 5:30am to 9:30pm, but you can request help anytime you want to. The user panel that DreamHost provides has an easy-to-use interface that gives you access to all the features of the hosting at your fingertips.

5) A2 WordPress Hosting

A2 Hosting is a new hosting company that has made a great reputation in the market. A2 Hosting has thousands of reviews of happy users and 5 start ratings. 

The hosting offers 4 affordable shared hosting plans and the price starts from ~$3 a month to ~$15. Also, there are three managed hosting plans available that are faster; you get 24/7support and fully secure hosting. The price starts from ~$13 a month to ~$44 a month. 

The reason why managed WordPress hosting plans charge you more is that every minor or bigger problem in the hosting is managed by the team itself. A2 Hosting’s Guru Grew support group is accessible 24/7 by telephone, email, online visit, or ticket.

Point to Note

As you’ve read this article till here, we bet now you’d be clear on which WordPress web hosting you should go for. We’ve put together the 5 best WordPress web hosting that is in demand these days. 

Also, the users are satisfied with the performance. Now you may ask what we recommend? It depends on your requirements. If you’re an individual and starting your first website, go for any of the website’s first cheap shared hosting plans. And as you grow, you can switch to the premium Hosting plan which would be pricey.

Now, we would like to hear from you, which web hosting you have been using so far? Your answers would be highly appreciated.

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