The Internet has facilitated our lives a lot. Before, we had to go to the market to buy stuff. But nowadays, everything is just a search away from us because pretty much all the businesses are available online and they are all set to serve you in any way.  However, no matter how beneficial the internet is, the fact can’t be denied that it’s accessible to everyone in the world. The hackers are just finding a way to get into your system and take control of it. They breach your website security for making money.

This is the reason many websites get hacked on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to protect your website, or else the business you spent a couple of years building will become someone else’s property. 

Luckily, if your website is on WordPress, then there are many security plugins that can be used to protect your website. We will enlist some of the most useful WordPress security plugins that will secure your website from any attack. 

Be sure that you go through this piece of writing entirely, so you can protect your website from being hacked. Without being late, let’s make our way to the topic.

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Here is the list of 5 best security plugins for WordPress:

  • Wordfence Security
  • Sucuri Security
  • iThemes Security 
  • WP fail2ban
  • Malcare

1. Wordfence Security

WordFence Security

The first WordPress security plugin that we have is called Wordfence security. It’s a quite popular plugin used by a majority of website proprietors across the globe. The plugin is uncomplicated to use and set up. 

Also, it’s equipped with a lot of fantastic protection tools that protect your website in all ways. 

Like, such as security incident recovery and robust login security elements. Not just that, you get a full insight into the hacking attempts attempted on your site along with the daily traffic. 

Its free plan has a lot to offer you, like the Firewall blocks feature and protection from brute force attacks. But, obviously, the premium plan has more advantages, which starts at $99 for a single website. 

However, if you’re a developer, then this WordPress plugin is a lot cheaper for you. Because, as a developer, you’ll be signing up for multiple sites, that’s why, you get a great discount on each signup you do.


  • The free version of the Wordfence plugin has more than enough features to protect your website.
  • Developers have a great advantage of it if they sign for multiple websites.
  • It has a full firewall suite with apparatuses for country obstructing, manual hindering, beast force security, an ongoing danger guard, and a web application firewall.
  • It has a comment spam feature too, that helps you with removing the spam comments from your posts.
  • The scan feature it has used to fight against spam reveals real-time threats.

2. Sucuri Security

Sucuri plugin of wordpress

Here is another best WordPress security plugin that is all set to prevent your website from being hacked. The plugin has both free and paid plans. 

If you own a quite big website that has tons of targeted traffic, then you may want to take the premium plan of the Sucuri WordPress Security plugin in which you get a firewall. 

However, for a normal website owner, there is no such big need of having a firewall. The free plans are more than enough for you. In the free plan, you get blacklist monitoring, malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, security hardening, and file integrity monitoring.

At the same time, the premium package provides you with more features of your own wish and timing. Let’s say you want your scan to be completed in just 12 hours; then, you’ll have to pay around $17 per month. 

So, it relies on your necessities. If you need these sorts of features, then you may consider buying them. But, if it’s just your start, the free plan is enough to do wonders for you.


  • You get free SLL certificates in its premium plans.
  • Customer service is always open to helping you out by emailing and chatting.
  • There is a Sucuri scan feature for detecting harmful viruses in your website files.
  • It includes Advanced DDoS protection from SQL injections.
  • When a hacking attack occurs, or something else wrong happens to your website, you get the notification immediately.

3. iThemes Security

iThemes Security-WordPress-plugin

iThemes Security plugin is a product of the BackUpBuddy plugin, which is quite popular among bloggers. Just like other plugins offered by them, this plugin comes with a clean and easy-to-use Interface with various protection features. 

The plugin included security hardening, limited login attempts, file integrity checks,404 detections, brute force protection, and file integrity checks. However, the iThemes security plugin doesn’t have any firewall but its own malware scanner. 

It uses the malware scanner of the Sucuri security plugin that we’ve just talked about. The plugin has free and premium plans that you can take as per your requirements. 

For a new website, the free plan is more than enough. However, for an established website, I highly recommend you to go for its premium version because there are many things that you will need. 

The price for the premium plan is just $80/year, which is peanuts. Its premium plan includes two-factor authentication, locking out of bad users, database backups, and vigorous password enforcement. These are options that you get in the iThemes Security Pro. However, there are other outstanding features too that you’ll be provided with.


  • It uses Google reCAPTCHA integration to make your website more secure.
  • It contrasts your WordPress centre records and the ongoing adaptation of WordPress, assisting you with understanding if anything malevolent is set in those documents.
  • The plugin has the file change detection feature too which is a must to have for protecting your website.
  • Keep updating your website to make sure that everything is up to the mark.
  • If you don’t want your website to update constantly, then you can enable the “Away Mode.”

4. WP fail2ban

WP fail2ban plugin

Wp fail2ban is a 4th WordPress security plugin that we’re going to talk about now. You’ll be amazed to know that this plugin just offers you a single feature. Yes, you heard that right. 

However, this single feature can do wonders for you. The feature protects you from brute force attacks. 

The WP fail2ban adopts an alternate strategy which many consider to be more successful than what you get from a portion of the security suite security plugins noted above.

WP fail2ban reports all login endeavours, no matter what their temperament or achievement, to the Syslog utilising LOG_AUTH.

You have the choice to execute a delicate or hard ban, which is not quite the same as the more standard methodology of just picking one. Not just that, the configuration of the plugin is very simple. 

You just have to install it on your WordPress website and you’re good to go. Above all, the brute force security plugin that you get in WP fail2ban is completely free for you. So, it’s okay if you don’t have a lot of money either.


  • You can choose from soft or hard ban blocks as per your requirements.
  • It’s equipped with proxy servers and Cloudflare.
  • Log feature is available for protecting your website from spam comments.
  • You likewise have the choice to make a shortcode that blocks clients preceding in any event, getting an opportunity to come to the login interaction.

5. Malcare


Thousands of developers and businesses use MalCare, the fastest malware detection, and removal plugin. 

Your WordPress website is clean before Google blacklists it or your web host takes it down. MalCare has been developed from the ground up after analysing over 240,000 websites over 2.5+ years, thanks to an industry-first automatic one-click malware eradication. 

You can ban nations to protect yourself from hacking. It’s an All in One WP security tool.


  • The included robust cloud-based firewall assures round-the-clock website protection against spam attacks.
  • one-click malware remover gives infinite automated cleanups. 


So, these are some of the best WordPress security plugins that will help you to keep your website safe from hackers and spam. Select the one that can meet your requirements, and then thank me later in the comments section.

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