What if you have a website that your business totally depends on, you worked day and night to take it to its maximum potential, but due to having an error, the whole website’s data get lost. You don’t even have created the backup of your website.

How terrible this experience would be. It’d be heartbreaking, obviously. More than 66% of the online businesses that lost their website’s data could never be recovered, just because they hadn’t considered website backups so important. 

I’m glad that you realized the WordPress backup’s importance and landed in the right place. Hence, I’m going to mention some of the most used WordPress Backup plugins that are safe, fast, and trustworthy.

Ensure that you stick to this post till the end. Without lecturing more, let’s head over to the topic.

Top 11 WordPress Backup Plugins

The top WordPress backup plugins that we’re going to cover in this article are:

  • BackupBuddy
  • BackupGuard
  • BackWPup
  • Wp time Capsule
  • Wp Vivid
  • Backup Migration
  • Wp Database Backup
  • Jetpack
  • Duplicator
  • UpdraftPlus
  • BlogVault

Let’s see what these WordPress Backup plugins hold for us so that we can finally decide which one we should go for.

1) BackupBuddy

backup buddy-wordpress backup plugin

BackupBuddy WordPress backup plugin was launched back in 2010, and since then, its users have been growing day by day. At present, more than half a million people are using this plugin to protect their sites. 

As compared to other backup plugins, it’s very easy to use, and just 1 click away from being enabled. The capacity to fix and enhance the optimization of your database is one of the novel elements BackupBuddy provides you with. Most importantly, whenever you purchase for the first time, it gives you 1 GB of Stash Live storage for free.

Pricing plans for the BackupBuddy plugin

Note: All BackupBuddy plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Backupbuddy plugin pricing plansPros

  • You get updates on demand
  • Gets updated per hour
  • It can be automatically restored in a single click
  • Autonomous dashboard
  • Coordinated with cloud services
  • Offers multisite support


  • All of the backups are saved on the site by default
  • Not live backups
  • It hasn’t any offsite storage
  • Restoring the data of the large site is quite difficult.

2) BackupGuard

backupGuard-WordPress backup plugin

The Backupguard is another most used plugin in the world, which offers an easy-to-use dashboard that even a beginner can use. It doesn’t take so much time when you restore your data. 

Moreover, Backguard enables you to download all of your backup files and save them on the server. And with a premium plan, you can schedule the backups for an hour. Its plane’s price starts from $25 per year.

Pricing plans for the BackupGuard plugin

backupguard plugin pricing plans


  • Backups are easy and fast
  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Equipped with cloud servers


  • The free version doesn’t include scheduled backups
  • It may take a while to back up the sites sometimes
  • No live backups are available
  • Only Manual restorers
  • It doesn’t include any offsite storage

3) BackWPup

BackWPup-WordPress backup plugin

The BackWpup WordPress Backup plugin has a lot of amazing features in its premium plan. 

However, when you’re using it for free, then you’ll only have access to its limited features. But still, you can backup your site with a free version too, but the database will be limited. Its pro plane cost is $69/year, while the to renew it will cost just $39.

Pricing plans for the BackWpup plugin

BackWPup pricing plansPros 

  • 1 site’s data can be backup with its lite version
  • Automatic restores
  • Equipped with cloud servers
  • Comprehensive backups


  • You have to backup it manually 
  • It doesn’t include any Offsite storage
  • Difficult to use interface

4) Wp Time Capsule

WP Time Capsule-WordPress backup plugin

One of the reliable WordPress backup plugins is the Wp Time Capsule which is quite popular these days. The thing that makes it unique is its dashboard which is designed in a calendar shape. 

The date and time you took the backup of your sites are mentioned on the dashboard. Therefore, it follows the same date and time to create the automated backups for your site. Above all, it enables you to restore your data quickly from the dashboard. Its cost is $49/year.

Pricing plans for the Wp Time Capsule plugin


  • Schedule backups are available
  • Equipped with cloud servers
  • The dashboard is in a calendar design
  • It can be restored in a single click


  • Backups take so much time
  • Restores are not reliable and fast
  • It doesn’t include offsite storage

5) Wp Vivid

The Wp Vivid has a unique feature that not all the backup plugins have, which is that it enables you to clean the unnecessary images before you back up the data, making your files low in size and clutter-free. 

Backup migration, backup, and start are available in its free version. Its premium plan costs $49/per year and by paying just $99, you get lifetime access.

Pricing plans for the Wp Vivid plugin


  • Schedule backups are available
  • Equipped with cloud servers
  • You can restore site backups easily in just 1 click


  1. It doesn’t include any offsite storage
  2. No Live backups are available.

6) Wp Database Backup

For those who are on a low budget and looking for a free WordPress backup plugin, the WP Database Backup has held you back. However, you can only backup your database using this plugin. 

The configuration of the plugin doesn’t even take one minute. In addition, you can make and restore backups by just clicking, which makes it very easy to use. Its pro version may cost you from $22 to $44/year.

Pricing plans for the Wp Database Backup plugin


  • Schedule automatic backups are available.
  • Equipped with cloud servers
  • It has an easy to use interface
  • Database backups.


  • It doesn’t include office storage
  • Just partial backups are available
  • Restores are unreliable

7) Backup Migration

The Backup Migration is another free-to-use plugin for you that provides you with Automated and manual backups. Once it’s installed, you can start the backup just by clicking on the create backups option, and the files will start getting restored. 

Also, you’re allowed to set a schedule for a monthly or daily basis, as per your convenience. In addition, it gives you 2GB in its free version, which is okay. However, its premium plan starts from $19.98 for 6 months. The best thing is, if the plugin fails to impress you, you can get a refund in 14 days.

8) Jetpack

Jetpack WordPress backup plugin is an automotive plugin for your WordPress site. It consequently saves your site’s changes in the backups, So in cases, if the site gets crashed, you can restore your data with ease. 

Also, the Jetpack comes in an app, allowing you to get the backup of your site wherever in the world you’re. 

The best thing about this plugin is that when you don’t like the changes made by the backups, you can reset the site and get it back to the earlier version. Its backup plan starts at $4.77 per month. 

However, if you want to get access to all the features of the jetpack, then you’ll have to pay $47.97 per month.

Pricing plans for the JetPack plugin


  • Includes offsite storage
  • Backups are reliable
  • Live backups are available for WooCommerce websites
  • You can restore backups in just 1 click


  • Upgraded features change the look of the site

9) Duplicator

If you’re looking for a plugin that allows you to download the backup of your site in a zip format so you can download it offline and save it wherever you want, then this Duplicator WordPress backup plugin is your way to go. 

Just like other plugins, you get the ability to set the backups according to your schedule, send them to the cloud server, or send a notification on your email.

Above all, you can restore the files that you had taken the backup of on your new site just with a single click. After that, all of the data of your site will be published on your new domain. You can use it for free with some limited features. But, to use its pro plane, you’ll have to pay$69/per year.

Pricing plans for the Duplicator plugin


  • Schedule backups are available
  • Equipped with Cloud servers
  • Complete and partial backups are available 


  • The interface is difficult to understand
  • You will have to restore data manually
  • Its UI is perplexing
  • It doesn’t include offsite storage

10) UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus-WordPress backup plugin

The Updraftplus plugin is the most rated WordPress backup plugin on the market. It’s responsible for the safety of More than 3 million websites across the globe. It’s an ideal option for the novice as it offers a number of features in its free version. 

You can back up all of the files, plugins, databases, and even themes using the free version. For beginners, it’s not less than a treasure. But, as your sites grow, you can switch to their premium version too. Its premium plan starts from $42/year.


  • Manual and automatic updates are available
  • Equipped with cloud services
  • You can restore the backups in just 1 click


  • To get offset storage, you’re charged extra money
  • restores are unreliable
  • No live backups are available

11) BlogVault

BlogVault - WordPress backup plugin

Blogvault provides service as Saas, not as a WordPress plugin that you can manually download and get your work done. To get access to its independent dashboard, you have to sign up, and then you’ll be able to manage all your backups. 

Multisites backups are available too. Not just that, your website’s uptime will be shown too. Moreover, you can restore your website just by clicking once, and obviously, it includes the scheduled backups. 

This plugin improves the speed and the performance of your website by using Incremental technology. Most importantly all of the databases of your website’s backups are encrypted and stored on safe offsite servers. Its pricing starts at $7.4 per month. To get an annual plane, you have to pay $89.

Pricing plans for the BlogVault plugin

BlogVault pricing plans


  • Reliable WordPress backups
  • You can restore website backup in just 1 click
  • It has an Independent dashboard
  • Supports multiple websites
  • Includes offsite storage
  • Even when the site is down, it still backups
  • Live backups are available for Woocommerce sites


  • It doesn’t include Partial backups

I hope now you know about the best WordPress Backup plugins in the world. Moreover, you know which one should you go for to enhance your website security. If you have any queries, put them down to get answered. 

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